A better match between your objectives and the ability of your field teams to achieve them

Manage your sales and marketing action plans to guarantee their feasibility thanks to detailed workload analysis

Resource efficiency

Make sure your sales force spends the right amount of time in every store, in every market and on every lever.

Sales force cost optimization

Quantify actions that cannot be carried out by your teams in order to allocate additional resources or re-prioritize actions.

Corporate alignment

Align your sales objectives with the capabilities of your sales teams to foster a positive dynamic within your organization.

Business Planning

We have created indicators and functionalities to plan workloads and continuously optimize the alignment between your sales resources and your field objectives.

Planning and management of sales and marketing activities

Integrated calculation of overall and for each sector traveled kilometers

Precise and consistent calculation of each salesperson's workload

Field sales unavailability and vacancies management

Unachievable field visits analysis and measurement

Integrated reports to analyze all business metrics

Workload analysis by brand, category and lever

Contact strategy management for each action