Optimize your sales force with agility and precision

Benefit from indicators and functionalities to continuously align your sales resources with your field objectives.

Sales efficiency

Ensure optimal market coverage according to your priorities and business challenges.

Sales force cost optimization

Reduce your visit's costs, optimize the time spent on the road and the number of kilometers traveled.

Agile territory management

Adapt your system and guarantee constant sales force efficiency throughout the year.

Simulate your scenarios in just a few minutes

Quickly create and test simulations or sectorization updates in response to business opportunities or workforce changes.

Create fair and equitable territories

Distribute your customer and prospect portfolios among all employees, ensuring that they have enough time to carry out 100% of their visits.

Easily adapt your organization

Adjust your sales organization according to your sales cycles, HR turnover and business news and developments.

Manage your contact strategy in just a few clicks

Adapt your visits’ frequency and time to your business and market trends.

Choose the best location for recruitment

Find the ideal location for a field sales rep when resizing your sales force or increasing turnover.

Analyze your organization in detail

Benefit from reporting that includes precise, factual key indicators, allowing you to make the best decisions and anticipate your sales force costs.

Territory Planning

We have created indicators and functionalities to plan workloads and continuously optimize the alignment between your sales resources and your field objectives.

Automatic sectorization based on sales targets

Integrated calculation of overall and for each sector traveled kilometers

Precise and consistent calculation of each salesperson's workload

Integrated calculation of each salesperson's CO2 emissions

Overnight stays inclusion in workload calculation

Integration and simulation of costs per salesperson's activity

Cities recommendation for recruitment purposes

National and local contact strategy management

Customer testimonials

Remettre les enjeux business au coeur de l'activité

Nicolas Andries, directeur national des ventes

Évaluer le plan de charge de ses délégués pharmaceutiques

David Covin, directeur commercial

Actualiser sa pression commerciale et réorganiser ses régions

Rémi Ginoux, sales support manager

Adapter son organisation terrain à l'évolution des circuits & marchés

Brice Mathé, chef des ventes national

Réorganisez et faites évoluer votre force de vente

Nicolas Biet, directeur général France et Kévin Machet, directeur commercial

Gagner en efficacité et développer votre business

Alexis Roth, directeur de zone

Comment Kellogg's a travaillé sa politique de visite grâce à Datakiss Territory Planning ?

Victoria Poreaux, business analyst