Datakiss history

Birth of Datakiss


The Datakiss vision takes shape with the creation of the company, laying the foundations for a major evolution in sales force territory management. The team was then made up of Romain, Laurent and François ; the three founders of the company ; turning Romain’s living room into HQ.

Incubation at Wacano


Datakiss joined Wacano, a recognized incubator, benefiting from an environment conducive to innovation and the development of its pioneering ideas. First recruitments begun, and the team started expanding!

Launch of Territory Planning


After 3 years of consulting and product development, Territory Planning sees the light of day: an application designed to give sales managers complete autonomy in managing their organization.

Growth and Expansion


Wacano’s walls became too small for our growing team, and it’s time to move to new offices. Datakiss raises significant funds, inaugurating its first offices and marking a turning point in its growth and influence.

Introduction of Business Planning

With the launch of Business Planning, Datakiss reaffirms its mission to innovation and commitment to value creation. This new product reflects our attentiveness to our customers’ needs, offering tools that enable them to always be one step ahead.

Our mission

Our mission is to develop advanced technological solutions that serve both business objectives and the well-being of individuals. We are committed to providing intuitive and effective tools that respect our ‘Keep It Smart and Simple’ philosophy, simplifying business processes while enriching human experience.

Through our actions, we cultivate mutual aid, benevolence and respect, placing these values at the heart of our business management, customer relations and services. Our aim is to become a key player in the humanization of business technology, always putting the interests and well-being of our field teams first.

Our vision

Our vision is to revolutionize the sales tech industry by putting people at the heart of innovation. We aspire to create a future where technology not only enhances business performance, but also significantly improves life quality of teams in the field. In fulfilling our CSR commitments, we envision a world where technological progress and human well-being coexist harmoniously, guided by our principle of simplicity and efficiency.

Our team

At Datakiss, we firmly believe that behind every line of code and every technological innovation lies a team of dedicated professionals.

Founded on the principles of goodwill, collaboration and team spirit, Datakiss is a human-scale company, where every employee plays an essential role in our constant quest for innovation.

Our CSR commitments :

Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is demonstrated by our Ecovadis certification, attesting to our ethical practices and environmental responsibility. We persevere in our commitment to continuous improvement year after year.

As active members of the Happytech community, we promote well-being at work and responsible innovation through a shared vision: innovation and technology must be put at the service of people to improve the employee experience and quality of life at work.